We are ready to take you to
the Yi Peng Festival in Chiang Mai.

Experience the Ancient Art, Culture of Kamu,local food, Lanna performances and participatein the spectacularly beautiful lantern release. With The Haven Lantern 2023 led by PaTa oba-san A well-known chef from both Thais and foreigners

Festival Venue

The festival will held on an area of 170 acres.
At “The Garden” or “Suan Sawan”, Mae Taeng District.
So, you can join many activities in the festival.
● Prayer area
● Lanna lantern arch 20 meters long
● Meet the tribal way of life, dress up and take pictures
● Community way of life, handicrafts, demonstrations
● Walking street, Kad Mua
● Dinner area
● Spectacular show on the surface of the water
● Releasing sky lanterns

Step inside, and you’ll encounter…

When the times have changed, the traditional ‘Yi Peng’ ceremony of the Lanna people began to fade away with time. Pata obasan, the individual who first established the Kad Mua and has been deeply immersed in the Lanna culture for a long time, decided to organize ‘The Heaven Lantern 2023’ festival to showcase the beauty of Lanna culture. Within the festival, Pata arranged activities that depict the original customs and traditions to allow people from all over the world to experience the beauty and uniqueness of this cultural heritage.

Inside the event, there will be the forest gates and candlelit pavilions, which symbolize the belief of the Lanna people that they are welcoming the deity Phra Wetsandon when leaving the forest and entering the city. It is believed that passing through these gates will bring blessings to one’s life. Kadmoua, a concept inspired by the ancient pedestrian streets and the traditional way of life of ethnic communities, allowing everyone to witness the way of life from the past, various traditional crafts demonstrations, and workshops that provide a close experience of the beauty of Lanna cultural arts.

And There will also be a rare Lanna-style performance zone, a dining area with a Kantok-style setup, where dishes will be served by Chef Pata Obaasang. She is one of the 13 chefs worldwide who were invited to the World Gourmet Summit 2017 in Singapore and is a renowned Thai chef known for her cooking classes in Japan.

The festival also features a spectacular water stage performance called “Lanna Light Parade – Floating Lanterns in the Sky,” which presents the grandeur of the Lanna kingdom and the release of floating lanterns, serving as the main highlight of the event.