Experience the way of life Of 6 Lanna native tribes

Yao is a tribe that has a long history. The Yao tribe has been recognized as a skilled tribe in arts and crafts. Men are highly skilled in making silverware while women have the craftsmanship of embroidery.

he Akha is a tribe with a beautiful and valuable cultural heritage. Both concrete and abstract in the form of many concepts and practices. And the traditions of the Akha tribe are closely related to nature and the environment.

The Lisaw have their own customs, traditions and pride in their culture. And was known as a fighter because they have a bold personality and love freedom. Men are responsible for hunting and farming, while women are responsible for taking care of the house. Including taking care of sewing clothes for family members.

Hmong is an ethnic group in the mountains of Southeast Asia that has a long history. They prefer to build a house on a high mountain or foothill plain. And the way of life of the Hmong is simple because they tend to be in contact with nature. 

Muser is a name that translates as ‘hunters’ as a group of people who are highly skilled in hunting. There is an old legend told to this day that National origin from parents which is a ghost or Nuecha created Nuecha or the blue spirit is the god of Muser. Who is the creator of the world earth, water, wind, fire, and plants and animals.

Dara-Ang is a tribe that settles on high mountains. They prefer to build houses with wooden poles, chopped bamboo siding, raised to a high platform and thatched roof. There is a livelihood by farming rice, corn and animal husbandry. And lead a relatively calm and simple life 🌽✨